The Rape of the Sabine women

ratto delle sabine
ratto delle sabine

Almost everyone knows about this story but few know its origins. Ancient Sabins took part in Rome's foundation which enriched their territory with numerous villas, towns, necropolis and infrastructures. In order to understand Sabina's history visiting its archaeological sites and museums is absolutely necessary.

Brief History

Studies show that probably in 290 a.C., thanks to Mario Curio Dentato, Sabina as an independent political entity became part of Rome. New buildings such as villae rusticate, producing wine and olive oil,  changed the look of the Sabina.

The Rape of the Sabine women - the legend

Romolo, after founding Rome, understood that since his population didn't have enough women its greatness wouldn't last long. For this reason he organized ludi in order to attack the nearest populations (including Sabins). During the festas, at a pre  agreed signal, the Roman soldiers kidnapped the Sabins women. Sabin men marched on Rome with Tito Tazio in order to get their women back. According to Tazio's story the women, tired of bloodshed, asked for an armistice. The story come to a peaceful end: Romolo and Tito Tazio ruled the city together while Romans and Sabins merged into a single population.